Food Systems Leadership


Bellagio: One Health Global Implementation
With support from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Global Initiative for Food Systems Leadership hosted a three day working session in Bellagio, Italy which brought together representatives from countries around the world to discuss current One Health movements, momentum and Global Implementation.

Engaging Intergovernmental Organizations
Using directed experiential learning, participants gained insight into public policymaking at the international level with site visits and interactions with key officials at several global inter-governmental organizations.
Status: Completed March 2010.

Executive Leadership in Food Safety Series
The ELFS series is a dynamic program consisting of 4 one-week learning modules held over a two year period, with the goal of developing networks and leadership within the context of food safety within the Americas.
Status: Completed February 2011.

Farm to Table Study Program
Week long study program exploring the food system from farm-to-table while considering aspects of animal welfare and health, food safety, food protection, and public health.
Status: Completed October 2010.
Reoccurring Monday, October 31, 2011 – Friday, November 4, 2011

Finding Common Ground Forum Series
Antibiotics and Agriculture, and FMD Response and Recovery were the first two topics in the Finding Common Ground Forum series and the beginning of a list of today’s issues where there is no one way or right answer.
Status: Completed November 2010.
Reoccurring May 26, 2011

Local Policy Making for Animal Health and Food Systems
Three day program concentrated on local policy making. The focus area for this program was bovine tuberculosis control and eradication from cattle and wild deer populations in the state of Minnesota.
Status: Completed 2010.
Reoccurring 2011

National Policy-Making Program
Using directed experiential learning and a theme revolving around animal health and food security issues, participants will experience public policy-making at a national level.
Status: Completed March 2011.
Reoccurring March 2012

One Health Partnerships Workshop
The annual “One Health” partnerships workshop promotes partnerships focused on interdisciplinary approaches to solving emerging issues in public health.
Status: Completed May 2011.
Reoccurring May 2012

Public Health Institute
The Summer Public Health Institute provides professionals with a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a chosen field of study for a single day or three weeks.
Status: Reoccurring yearly May-June.
Reoccurring Tuesday, May 24, 2011 – Saturday, June 11, 2011

Regional One Health Leadership Meetings
Nairobi, Kenya was the site of the second in a series of regional meetings to continue creation of global leadership models. On December 9-10, 2009 a group of 19 participants from academia, government and non profit organization participated in a two days meeting convened by Rockefeller Foundation and the Global initiative for Food System Leadership at the Rockefeller Foundation Africa Regional office.