Food Systems Leadership

Scalable capacity-building

Building critical leadership skills on a global scale exceeds the capacity of any single organization or consortium. New systems of scalable leadership development approaches must be implemented in order to make a significant global impact.

GIFSL potential:

1. Develop scalable strategies that allow program delivery to thousands/millions of individuals around the world.
2. Create ‘viral’ learning approaches that capitalize on peer-to-peer informal learning networks.

Delivery model

  • E-learning opportunities in via on-line courses, social networking, and on-line games
  • Train-the-trainer leadership programs
  • Group simulations that foster teamwork and leadership across boundaries, sectors, and disciplines.

Target audiences:

  • Government
  • Private sector (Food industry)
  • NGOs
  • IGOs
  • Educational institutions
  • Community organizations
  • Funders/philanthropists


  • Countries: developed, developing, in transition, BRIC
  • Continental or regional
  • Global

Participant Characteristics

  • Senior officials and leaders
  • Early to mid-career
  • Emerging leaders
  • University/Graduate/Professional students
  • Community activists