Food Systems Leadership

Leadership Effectiveness

Technical capacity-building efforts are well developed, but these programs often fail to achieve their objectives. The missing ingredient in many technical capacity-building courses is skill-building, the development of the interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills necessary to enable behavior change in the application and use of the technical training. Unfortunately, many programs are delivered under the assumption that the knowledge transfer alone will affect the desired change. Unfortunately, the myth that interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills are a matter of heredity, pervades many programs. Similarly, skill-building efforts rarely are invested at the national or organizational level to help enhance effectiveness in international or cross-sector activities involving current and emerging issues.

GIFSL potential:

1. Create interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skill-building modules that can be incorporated into technical training programs.
2. Develop programs that help organizations and developing countries learn key skills that support effective engagement at the international level.

Delivery model

  • Free-standing modules delivered in person or through e-learning
  • Variable length from 1 hour to 1 week
  • Group simulations that foster teamwork and leadership across boundaries, sectors, and disciplines.

Target audiences:

  • Government
  • Private sector (Food industry)
  • NGOs
  • IGOs


  • Countries: developed, developing, in transition, BRIC
  • Continental, regional
  • Global

Participant Characteristics

  • Senior officials and leaders
  • Country and organizational delegates and representatives


  • Existing programs:
    • Risk communication workshop for industry officials
  • Potential future activities:
    • Experiential skill-building for new Intergovernmental Organization delegates