Food Systems Leadership

GIFSL Program Priorities


The Global Initiative for Food Systems Leadership (GIFSL) was created to address global food security, the availability of an adequate supply of affordable, safe and nutritious food produced and processed through sustainable methods that return economic benefit to local and national economies. The current food security challenges symbolize the increasing complexity of the global food systems. At the same time, advances in food production and processing, combined with technology developments and the information revolution, provide opportunities for innovative approaches to address food security as a global priority.

GIFSL seeks to fill the gaps that are not met by other organizations and initiatives focused on food security. Many organizations offer capacity-building and targeted consultations services. Technical training on specific subjects is offered in traditional classroom settings and e-learning. Educational institutions offer disciplinary training and technical credentials. Intergovernmental organizations offer orientation to new members and instruction in their operations and protocol. What’s missing are efforts that build the teamwork and leadership skills needed to accomplish change. GIFSL grows out of the recognition that achieving a major societal change such as global food security requires shared leadership involving people from multiple countries, cultures, disciplines and sectors.

Four program directions have been identified for GIFSL activities:

The first three program directions rank highest in terms of market importance, while GIFSL has the greatest current capacity to deliver educational program enhancement and professional development. Each of these four program directions will be described in terms of the gap to be addressed, program potential, scope, delivery model, target audiences and participant characteristics in order to answer the questions of what, why, how and who. Examples of existing programs and potential future activities are provided.