Food Systems Leadership

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the Global Initiative for Food Systems Leadership (GIFSL)?
Our goal as GIFSL is to catalyze integrated and harmonized food systems for global food safety and food security.

Why is food systems leadership needed?
Food systems leadership is needed because we need forms of leadership to address the increasingly complex challenges facing the world.

How will leadership be fostered?
Leadership will be fostered through professional development, experiential education and mentoring offered through a global consortium of universities in collaboration with industry, governments, and international organizations.

What types of programs will be used to train emerging leaders?

  • Intensive short courses for government officials, industry leaders, and academic professionals
  • Experiential learning in public policy, including developmental assignments
  • Global executive development programsWhat will GIFSL prepare participants to do?
  • Link food systems professionals and organizations, government entities, and academia
  • Strengthen public private partnerships for global food security
  • Promote national capacity building for developing and developed countries and international organizations
  • Share leadership for food safety and securityHow will success be measured?
    The ultimate measure of success is greater food security worldwide with abundant, affordable, nutritious and safe food produced through sustainable agricultural that supports stable local and national economies.What academic partners are currently active in GIFSL?
  • University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Washington State University, USA
  • University of Minnesota, USA
  • China Agricultural University – College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China
  • Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale dell’ Abruzzo e del M olise (IZS), Italy
  • Ohio State University – Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine, USA
  • Chiang Mai University, Thailand
  • National University of Uruguay, UruguayIs this global consortium open to additional academic partners?
    Yes. Additional partnerships are being discussed with universities across the globe. Our goal is to achieve broad geographic coverage and strategic partnerships.Who is currently funding this Initiative?
  • Major support from General Mills Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, SSAFE, Ecolab, Davisco, Cargill Inc., Buhler Group, and the University of Minnesota
  • An Endowed Chair of Global Food Systems Leadership established in 2007 with matching donations from the University of Minnesota and Cargill, Inc.Are there other supporters of this Initiative?
  • Yes. Internationally recognized leaders serve as senior fellows and mentors.
  • Additional programmatic support and in-kind donations from intergovernmental organizations, national governments, food companies and individual donors
  • The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, World of Organization for Animal Health, World Health Organization and World Trade Organization have partnered in developing and delivering specific educational and leadership programsIs the Global Initiative open to additional partners and collaborators?
    Yes. Gifts, sponsorships, in-kind support and programmatic partners are critically important for the expansion of GIFSL initiatives.